The easiest way to integrate a fool-proof pick pack system with your existing order fulfillment workflow.

GroovePacker can help
eliminate fulfillment errors
simplify warehouse training
reduce customer service
avoid costly re-shipments
make inventory reliable

Unscanned Items

The order items are initially listed on the left so the user can see what is required for the order.


Scanned Items

As items are scanned they display on the right side making it clear what should be in the box.


Suggested Item

Order items are suggested based on their warehouse bin locations. By default, they can be scanned in any sequence.


Mobile Scanning

Easily switch between scanning on desktops, chromebooks, tablets or mobile devices.



Scanning the wrong product activates the game-show buzzer sound "BWHUUUHh!!"
You and your warehouse team will be shocked, as accuracy goes parabolic! Every scan is logged with a timestamp & their username.


What is GroovePacker?

GroovePacker is a cloud based app that guides your fulfillment team through the pick-pack process. A Barcode scanner is used to verify perfect shipments. Since 2013 GroovePacker has been the easiest way to integrate barcodes in your order fulfillment workflow.

ShipStation, Shopline, Shopify, ShippingEasy, OrderCup and more import directly into GroovePacker. We go beyond basic scanning to offer advanced kit & bundle support, serial, lot & batch recording, high-volume workflows, barcode generation, barcode printing, and much, much more.

Is GroovePacker a good fit? A Walkthrough call will answer your questions and help you decide.

  • Hosted by a product expert or co-founder who can answer your questions. No pressure, no sales call.
  • Discuss workflow options and integration requirements
  • Quickly determine if GroovePacker is a good fit. 
  • Understand exactly how GroovePacker fits in your current workflow.

Accuracy just got easy

If it’s in the order it goes in the box. Each SKU and quantity is verified. Scan, Pack. Rinse, Repeat. This is the fool-proof barcode packing QC system you’ve been looking for.

Simple to integrate

GroovePacker is not an ALL-IN-ONE suite that takes ages to integrate & train. Rather than requiring a new workflow and changing what you have in place we play nice with your current system.

We use it too

GroovePacker was designed from the ground up by the same team that uses it day to day. The result is an outcome driven solution that minimizes friction and can be trained in minutes.

Our barcode scanning order fulfillment solution explained:

Why GroovePacker?

You’ve tried adding double-checks, maybe having employees check each others orders. This slows the process but errors keep slipping by. As volume increases, so do mistakes. New hires introduce additional errors making it tough to find the help you need.

We’ve been there and were so happy to offer a proven solution. You’ll love GroovePacker because it’s easy to implement, takes almost no time to train and it will begin saving you money and eliminating errors from day one.


double checking shipments for pick pack accuracy

Does it really work?

Mistakes in our own shipping room led to the development of GroovePacker. Since its creation we’ve been able to outsource our fulfillment to a state training program which helps those with disabilities gather skills to enter the workforce. Shortly after new hires become comfortable with our fulfillment process they graduate and move into the workforce. We begin the training process again with with a new worker. This constant turnover provides us the unique opportunity to create an app that enables new hires to get up to speed and begin shipping flawlessly on their first day.

Scanning Features

  • GroovePacker is FAST! Scanning responses are nearly instant (250 ms) with our new GPX scanning engine.
  • Save and display fulfillment specific product data (Custom names, Color/Size info, alt images, etc.) to increase your fulfillment team’s efficiency.
  • Quickly add and print barcodes for new items as needed.
  • Are some items not barcoded? Allow your team to “Visually Verify” items that do not require scanning, or require scanning of every item.
  • Dozens of scanning features like multi-pack barcodes, Lot number recording and bulk type-in count scanning empower your team and save time.
  • Provide your customers with an image of their scanned order.

Tracking Features


  • Serial Numbers, Lot Numbers and Batch Numbers can be recorded during scanning and exported for your records.
  • Product barcodes can have expiration dates and lot numbers baked in so you can easily keep a record of which lot shipped to each customer.
  • All scanning activity is logged providing an audit trail with timestamps and usernames for every scan.

Inventory Features


  • While other apps track Sold inventory GroovePacker tracks your Physical inventory. Inventory is scanned in, scanned out, and can be imported or exported as needed.
  • Inventory can be received using the scanner, either by bulk entry or counting with the scanner piece by piece.
  • Cycle-Counts offer the same flexibility and works just like it should on a mobile device.
  • Multiple bin locations can be saved for each product and displayed during pick pack.
  • Item substitutions can be made during scanning and are included in daily scanning reports.

User Metrics


  • Track the number of orders and order items scanned by each user each day.
  • Compare users based on a speed score to see who is texting and who is hustling.
  • Compare each user’s daily stats to their rolling 30 day average.

Ready to stop shipping errors?

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The fastest and easiest way to implement barcodes in your warehouse.

Most new users are surprised to learn that GroovePacker can often be setup and preventing errors in a matter of hours. The cost is far less than making errors and far less embarrassing.  Some customers appreciate receiving perfect shipments, most just expect it. Now your fulfillment team can deliver!

What's Invovled?

By looking at some typical workflows and the components of a barcode QC system below you can get a feel for what integrating GroovePacker will be like. 

"We have been using GroovePacker for over 7 years and it has been integral to getting orders out quickly and accurately! The software is easy to use and learn and the team at GroovePacker is always responsive. I highly recommend it!"

-Drew – Owner – Bull City Flavors