Barcode Inventory Control & Scan Pack QC System



If it's in the order it's in the box. Scan, Pack. Rinse, Repeat. This is the barcode packing QC system you've been looking for.



Keeping inventory counts accurate and up to date is time consuming and costly. Let GroovePacker do it for you automatically.



GroovePacker is not an ALL-IN-ONE suite that takes ages to implement. Instead of requiring a completely new workflow we integrate into your existing shipping system.



GroovePacker was designed from the ground up by its users. The result is a logical workflow with little to no learning curve.

  • Fastest Setup:
  • Time is money. Get set up and scanning faster than any other packing software.
  • Quick and Easy training:
  • Packers can begin scanning with virtually no training. Using GroovePacker is much easier than not using GroovePacker.
  • Remove new hire hurdles:
  • Product exceptions that take time to learn can be displayed during packing. It's "just in time learning" for your packers.
  • Your bottom line will heart GroovePacker:
  • It costs much more to ship mistakes than to prevent them with GroovePacker.
  • Happier customers, better feedback:
  • When you eliminate mis-ships you eliminate negativity. Upset customers buy less, leave negative feedback, and drain your CSRs.
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Customer Feedback

  • "The guys immediately took to the software and are very happy using it!"

  • "We're training new packers in minutes and they don't make mistakes.."

  • "Groovepacker has been great for our fulfillment center. We can finally give the level of accuracy that our customers demand. It is an easy, simple tool that pays for itself many times over. We love it!"

  • "It's been a perfect fit for us. I really wish we had found your app sooner!"

  • "GroovePacker has helped so much with our Amazon shipments I absolutely recommend it."

  • "Your service is amazing! We love our GroovePacker. It is great to know that the orders are going out accurately and I love the function that you can scan products in any order. We like to put the big items in the box first so we can pack the small ones around it so it is great that we can have this flexibility."

  • "Groovepacker has really made itself a nice home in our process, and as processes go, it's one of the more trouble-free ones in our business. Thank you again, keep up the great work!"

  • "Groovepacker has drastically improved our shipping process and we have 100% accuracy on outgoing shipments when scanning every product that goes in the box. Our packing efficiency has also doubled since implementing Groovepacker and customers are always happy to receive their orders quickly. The customer service is top notch and quick to respond to questions. Five Stars!"

Put the smack down on packing errors and enjoy the benefits of real time physical inventory visibility.

Shipping errors cost your business time, money & even customers, every month.
We believe that every packer can consistently pack perfect orders with the right system in place. We've designed GroovePacker to be the foundation of that system. GroovePacker integrates into your current shipping work-flow, so you can easily add barcode scan and pack verification without changing how you manage orders or print labels. Packing orders with GroovePacker is like using a digital packing slip that shows you an image of each item to be packed and provides audio & visual feedback as it's scanned. GroovePacker catches any potential errors and assures you the contents of every order is correct.

To maintain accuracy your packers now have to double or, in some cases, triple check what is packed. This tedious practice is inefficient and ultimately ineffective at preventing errors. Each time errors are discovered conscientious packers slow down even more to prevent further errors. Packing verification breaks this cycle and allows your packers to operate at full speed, confidently packing items as GroovePacker verifies each one. The result is an increase in both packing speed and order accuracy.

So what does GroovePacker Cost?

Using GroovePacker should never actually cost your business anything. Our pricing has been structured to ensure that the price of GroovePacker is always far less than the cost of the mistakes you'll no longer be paying for. As your volume increases so do the savings for your business. You're here because you realize the many ways packing errors impact your business, from tangible costs like customer service time, replacement shipping and lost product to harder to quantify costs like reduced re-orders and negative feedback. If you would like to take a closer look at your error rate and the average cost per error, click here and we'll see just how far ahead you'll be when you add GroovePacker to your shipping work-flow.


  • Multiple SKUs and Barcodes supported for each product
  • Scan products that have different SKUs and barcodes across each sales channel
  • Full support for kits allowing inventory to be deducted for the kit itself or individual part items
  • Per product packing order controls the order which items are packed in
  • Customizable User Roles make it easy to control access for different users
  • Product images are imported from sales channels and used to assist packers
  • Groovepacker updates your physical inventory count as shipments are packed giving you the most accurate count possible
  • Internal barcodes can be instantly generated from your existing SKUs
  • Easily print product barcodes directly from Groovepacker
  • Leave special notes to be displayed during the packing of an order, ie "include an extra catalog"
  • Attach reminders that will be displayed every time time a specific product is shipped, ie "make sure cap is on securely"
  • Never before shipped products are automatically created in the software, ready to be configured (if necessary) and used
  • Receiving and Recounting inventory features fully utilize scanning to make entry fast and accurate
  • Receive low inventory alerts by email
  • Edit order item quantities and order items
  • Record serial numbers / lot numbers and export to CSV
  • Items can be scanned as suggested or in any sequence
  • Case or pack barcodes can scan multiple items at once

What's the daily workflow like with Groovepacker?

Scan pack barcode fulfillment with GroovePacker
The daily shipping will still begin in your order manager much like it does now. Packing slips and possibly shipping labels and a pick list are printed there and any orders that need to be held or modified can be take care of.
The day's orders are then imported from your order manager to GroovePacker.
After the import, all new orders awaiting shipment will populate the awaiting orders list.

Once the pick list is printed all items needed for the daily shipping can be picked and placed in a cart near the packing station. Packing slips can then be chosen and scanned in any order. Scanning the order number barcode on the packing slip will open the appropriate order and the packer will be prompted to scan and pack each item. Images for each item are displayed along with a clear list of items to be packed as well as a list of those already in the box. Items are suggested in order based on their packing order settings.

Every item is verified as it's placed in the box and every item ordered must be scanned for the order to be complete.

When all items in a shipment have been scanned the box is sealed and your shipping software can be used to generate the shipping label. Groovepacker can optionally prompt the user to scan the tracking number from the label so it can be stored with the order information.
Lastly, inventory is automatically updated to reflect the packed items and the user is prompted to scan the next order.

Here's a short video that shows a packer packing items and using the software:

See the workflow with ShippingEasy.

How long will it take to train employees on the system and get it all set up?

Pickers and packers will be comfortable with the system and shipping without errors on their first day.
Managers and customer service representatives get comfortable editing orders and items in under an hour.

Setup time will vary depending on how many SKUs and Kits need to be set up. In most cases products are imported automatically from your sales channel and only need a barcode and a starting inventory count if you want to track inventory.
If you'll be scanning kits as individual items you'll need to define the items in each kit.

Groovepacker was built to be as simple and efficient as possible. We've worked hard to eliminate every unnecessary click and keystroke and make the workflow as pleasurable and intuitive as possible. The result is an app that seems almost too simple to have everything it needs, and we think that's one of the things you'll love about it.

Can I give it a try?

Yes, we offer a 30 day evaluation period so you can begin using GroovePacker and see the benefits of packing verification in your business. There is a one time initialization charge to start the trial but if you're not fully satisfied and do not wish to continue we will be happy to credit this charge any time during the evaluation.

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100 percent of customers are disappointed to receive an incorrect shipment


100 percent of human beings make mistakes (as far as we know)


100 percent of the shipping errors made cost your business money


100 percent of your shipments could be error free

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