scan and pack barcode computer

The team behind GroovePacker has been involved in Ecommerce for the last 15 years. We've created and fulfilled physical products for a variety of industries. During that time we've used a lot of software products in our business and gained an understanding of what makes an excellent user experience. We've been able to leverage that experience to make GroovePacker exceptionally friendly and easy to use. We currently sell on Amazon, Ebay & Etsy, and we use Magento and Shopify. We use ShipStation as an order manager and of course we pack every order using GroovePacker. This keeps us in tune with the needs of our users and in sync with an ever-changing industry.

GroovePacker was created out of necessity after we moved our fulfillment to a training center. We had regular turn over, complicated kitting and a large number of similar SKUs in our inventory. As a result our shipping accuracy was a constant issue. We needed to be able handle training new hires for our warehouse system remotely and we needed a cloud based solution that would allow monitoring and order editing from any location. GroovePacker has allowed us to simplify our own shipping system to the point that we can teach it to a newcomer with a series of instructional videos in 20 minutes, and have them begin shipping the same day without errors. Our unique set of circumstances led to the creation of a valuable shipping tool that can help any business that would like to streamline warehouse operations and eliminate costly shipping mistakes. .

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