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DESS USA ships a variety of specialized dental implant parts. Their inventory consists of a large variety of small bagged items with finely printed product skus. The items themselves look very similar, some look almost identical. Needless to say it's very easy to confuse these items and cause shipping errors. Because the products are required for dental appointments, an incorrect order often means the dentist having to reschedule appointments, further increasing the importance of shipping accuracy.

Their orders come in through their Big Commerce shopping cart and are then imported into ShipStation where order management tasks can be carried out. All orders to be shipped are then tagged as "GP Ready" in ShipStation. Tagged orders are then imported from ShipStation to GroovePacker before packing begins. They use a printed packing slip first as a pick ticket and then it is scanned to cue the order in GroovePacker for scan and pack. After the order is packed the packing slip can be used to display the order in ShipStation where the exact weight of the packed package can be used for accurate postage and the shipping label is printed.

Scanning their inventory items presented a unique challenge because the product barcode printed on each item by the manufacturer included a lot number as part of the barcoded number. This meant that each time new inventory was received the barcode would be different and in order for GroovePacker to match barcodes during scan and pack every new lot number bar code would need to be added as an alias barcode before scanning. We added a feature to GroovePacker that would allow the lot number to be ignored during packing verification so items could be matched properly without adding new codes each time inventory was received.

Robert was kind enough to create a video explaining how GroovePacker has helped DESS USA reduce order packing time and increase shipping accuracy so accurate orders arrive on time for appointments.

"..getting orders back because of the wrong part is frustrating and expensive... GroovePacker alleviated that problem and increased our packing speed by at least 50%"

Robert Tobys - DESS USA

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