Integrate GroovePacker with your OrderCup workflow and say goodbye to mis-ships and replacement shipments.

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OrderCup is a cloud-based order management and shipping application for ecommerce businesses. It integrates with multiple leading online channels and shipping carriers, simplifying and automating their shipping and fulfillment process while providing many value-added services such as discounted shipping and insurance, returns and global address validation. It streamlines their post-order operations, allowing merchants to focus on increasing sales and providing a higher level of customer service.

Let's look at how easy it is to verify your OrderCup orders with GroovePacker 

There's no reason to change the systems you have in place, GroovePacker can be dropped right into your existing OrderCup workflow. Orders will be imported into OrderCup just as they are now. Once you've selected which OrderCup stores should export to GroovePacker your orders will upload to an FTP server where they will be identified and automatically imported into GroovePacker. 

Packing slips printed in OrderCup will include an order number barcode. When the packer is ready to begin verifying order items they will scan the packing slip barcode in GroovePackerdisplay the order to be packed. Because the packing slip is used to determine which packer will pack a specific order the physical packing slips can be distributed to the packers in batches. They will be able to scan the packing slips they hold in any sequence. 

Shipping labels can be printed in bulk along with the packing slips before orders are verified or they can be printed individually after each order is packed depending on your requirement.

To pack an order simply scan the order number on your packing slip and GroovePacker will suggest the first item to be packed. When the correct product is scanned the packer will get confirmation and will be prompted for the next item. The process continues until all items in that order have been scanned and packed.

Once scanning and packing is complete the status for the order is updated to "Scanned" in GroovePacker. A record of each item scanned and the packer who scanned it is saved in GroovePacker, ready to be called up with the scan of an order number. 

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