Take your warehouse to the next level of accuracy and efficiency by combining ShipStation and GroovePacker


GroovePacker is a excellent solution for adding key warehouse management features like inventory and scan and pack verification to ShipStation order manager.

ShipStation is a scalable, feature rich order manager and GroovePacker complements it perfectly, giving your warehouse staff the tools they need to pack every order without error and keep inventory up to date.

There's a whole train of events that occur each time a packing error is made. From disappointing your customer to shipping them what's needed to correct their order (along with a gift so they'll give you another chance to get it right). Every step of the way you're more likely to encounter problems since your most optimized and tested systems tend to be the ones with the most use. Fixing an issue often relies on customer as well. They must contact the right channel with the correct information in a timely fashion. So while normal operations might run clean and smooth, exceptions often find the weakest links.

Barcode scan and pack verification allows you to bypass the shipping error woes. Your packers scan a barcode on each item as it's packed, assuring it's correct. Do you often see instances where multiple items are ordered but only one gets shipped? Never again with Scan and Pack verification. Every item is counted and checked off as it's added to the shipment. GroovePacker seamlessly integrates barcode scanning verification with ShipStation giving your shipping system the ability to catch packing errors before they're shipped and before any cost has been introduced.

In addition to user friendly barcode scan and pack verification GroovePacker brings ShipStation the most accurate physical inventory tracking possible. Every item moving into and out of your warehouse can easily be tracked and accounted for, empowering your business with a capable and cost effective warehouse management solution and all the competitive advantages that go along with it. Because the cost of GroovePacker is less than the cost of the shipping errors it prevents, you're adding to your bottom line every month you use it. As your order volume grows, so do the benefits of avoiding shipping errors. When it comes to receiving exactly what they order, your customers expect perfection every time. With GroovePacker you can deliver.

Let's look at how easy it is to setup and begin eliminating your packing errors.

Connecting GroovePacker to ShipStation is as easy as filling in the username & password of ShipStation user with API access. In seconds all your products begin importing. GroovePacker only requires a product name, SKU and Barcode (registered UPC or internal barcode), in order to provide barcode scanning verification for each product you ship. Because ShipStation does not store barcode data a CSV file can be used to quickly add barcode / UPC data to products imported from ShipStation. Alternatively, if you have a way of exporting all your inventory data, it can be imported from a single CSV file.

ShipStation GroovePacker Workflow

There's no reason to change how you currently print your shipping labels. GroovePacker can work with ShipStation to accommodate a variety of workflows.

The workflow will vary slightly depending on where and when you print. ShipStation allows you to print your order number on your packing slip as a barcode. GroovePacker can then use a scan of the order number to display the order to be packed. This allows your packers to split orders up into batches and scan them in any order they like. In this batch workflow all printing is best done from within ShipStation. Some fulfillment operations incorporate a digital scale and ship by exact weight. They'll print shipping labels individually after packing and weighing the packed shipments for exact package weights. In this workflow you may choose to print packing slips and pick lists from directly from GroovePacker.

After the items have been picked and your packers are ready to begin packing orders, they only need to scan the order number from a packing slip and GroovePacker will suggest the first item to be scanned and packed. When the correct product is scanned the packer will get confirmation and will be prompted for the next item. The process continues until all items have been scanned and packed. In cases where orders have been imported to GroovePacker with tracking information an optional scan of the shipping label can be requested to verify that the correct label is being applied to the shipment.

Once scanning and packing is complete the status for the order it's marked as scanned and inventory counts are adjusted in GroovePacker. A record of each item scanned and the packer who scanned it is saved in GroovePacker, ready to be called up with the scan of an order number. Because GroovePacker scans items into and out of your warehouse you have true item-level visibility of your physical inventory. Substitutions, cancellations or other exceptions can be made within GroovePacker. Each inventory change is made automatically as items are shipped and received, giving you an inventory count you can depend on.

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A recommendation from one of our Clients

We were looking for a vendor and a partner who could help us automate our shipping and scanning needs. We had already switched to Magento for our Ecommerce solution and then selected ShipWorks as the application that would import all of the Magento Store cart orders and allow us to print shipping labels for UPS, USPS and FedEx.

The missing piece to a fully integrated solution was a barcode scan and pack solution that would allow us to scan the barcodes of every product being packed into an order. Our process includes scanning the shipping label last to ensure that the packing list, products scanned and packed, plus the shipping label are all 100% accurate. The ability to cut down on shipping errors saves us time and money everyday.

After extensive searching we discovered GroovePacker and their unique approach to this set of requirements. The application fits our needs perfectly and the total cost to integrate and the monthly fees are very reasonable. We spent approximately a total of $500 per workstation to get the hardware that was needed to do scanning and packing at each station. There are more expensive solutions but they are much harder to integrate and manage with less flexibility.

The most important piece of our decision was realized when we experienced the superior level of skill and dedication provided by the support staff at GroovePacker. We quickly found out that there is a core philosophy for forming a true partnership by ensuring a dedicated team of engineers focused on our success. What I firmly believe in is excellent customer support and how valuable it is to ensuring our overall success. The team at GroovePacker is brilliant from the start-up phase all the way to ongoing support and assistance for questions that come up along the way.

If the GroovePacker solution fits your existing solution and internal processes I highly recommend that you get started with a free 30-day trial.

Director of IT & Security
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