GroovePacker Setup & Pricing

1 on 1 VIP setup to ensure success

We will be on hand to complete your account configuration and initial product imports. A one-time $500 initialization will be collected when you create your account.  If during your free trial, you do not feel that GroovePacker is a great fit, this charge is fully refundable. Your subscription will not begin until after your trial so you can evaluate the software risk-free.

Monthly users are billed at the beginning of the month and can be added or removed month to month as needed.

Initially, users will be billed monthly but you can lock in a discounted rate at any time if you decide to switch to annual billing.


(pre-paid annually) 


Annual users are pre-paid which allows resources to be purchased at a discount and reserved for the billing term. While it’s possible to add more annual users to an annual plan or remove them at the end of the annual term, it is not possible to remove them for a refund during the term. 



Monthly users are billed at the beginning of the month and can be added or removed month to month as needed. Seasonal team members should bill monthly so they can be removed when they are no longer needed.

Every User Includes:

10k Monthly Shipments

1 Order Source

Every Account Includes:

5k SKUs (unique items & variants)

1 Order Source

Barcode Generation & Printing

Premium Desktop & Mobile Scanning Interface

Native Kit/Bundle Support

Flexible case scanning options

Quick, barcode scan inventory receive & recount

Custom receiving instructions & images

Physical inventory tracking

Multi-pack barcode support

Serial/Lot/Exp Date Recording & Export

Order & Product Instructions with Confirmation

CSV Batch Import/Export access

Direct Printing on PC, Mac & Linux

Packing Slip & Pick List printing

Responsive Email  Support

Scheduled screen share & phone support

Inventory Projection / Low stock Report

Multi-Box Orders & packing slips

Packing Cam Capture & Share

FBA Shipment verification

User Stats Dashboard and Reporting

Daily Packed Percentage Exports

Push & Pull inventory sync with Shopify

Pro features can be added to new or existing accounts.


Please Contact for individual and bundle pricing on pro features.

All Standard & Pro features Plus:

Dedicated support representative

Custom integrations and development

High-volume put-wall workflow

API Access

Administrative accounts

Multi-Account 3PL options


Please contact here for pricing and info.

Up to 5k SKUs (Included)

5k to 10K SKUs ($25/month)

10k to 50K SKUs ($50/month)

50k to 100K SKUs ($100/month)

100k to 400K SKUs ($200/month)

Groovepacker maintains a database of your products which allows for a number of advanced features. The number of SKUs counted in the plans above will include all SKUs and variant SKUs (colors, sizes etc.) that will be imported into GroovePacker during a product and order imports.

Start your no-risk Trial

Error free shipments are closer than you think!


See how many days of inventory you have left based on recent sales.

Scan items into multiple boxes and generate packing slips per-box.

Capture & optionally share an image of the items scanned in each order.

Import FBA shipment plans files directly into GroovePacker & scan FBA shipments.

Compare pick pack speed & productivity across your team.

Allow users to compare their speed with others and see who is in the lead.

See the percent scanned of daily orders & export unscanned orders.

A hyper-efficient scanning workflow for single & low-item count orders.

Push and Pull inventory counts between Shopify and GroovePacker.

How long will setup take?

The setup time can be as little as one day if the product data is complete and issue free. (ie.  every item has a unique barcode, every variant has a unique SKU) The software is excellent at surfacing any issues and can export a list of items that require attention. After product are ready, integrating an order source and importing your orders takes only moments. At that point if your items are barcoded you’ll be ready to begin scanning orders. No barcodes, no problem, we can generate internal use barcodes and help you print them quickly and efficiently with a thermal printer.

Can I add or modify the feature set or number of users later?

Yes, you’ll have an opportunity to try GroovePacker and decide which features will be best for your team. You’ll be able to add and remove monthly users as needed and convert monthly users to annual users if you know you’ll be needing them ongoing. The feature sets are billed monthly so you can give them a try and confirm their utility. Please note that some reporting features utilize data that is only tracked when the features are enabled.

What happens if I exceed the number of SKUs or Shipments?

To prevent any interruption in service we will adjust the resources as needed and will reach out using the billing email address (given when the account is created) to let you know about the required adjustment. Only in rare cases where we are unable to reach you or bill the account, would service actually be paused.

Can I speak with someone before or after sign up?

Absolutely. You can use the link below to choose a date and time. If you create your account before the scheduled call we will often be able to complete the account setup and import your data before our call. This will allow us to have a screen share call where we can review the workfloww with you and your team, with your data and settings in place.

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