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What is required to stop pick pack errors with GroovePacker?

Barcode Scanners

Nearly any barcode scanner is compatible with GroovePacker so units you already have can likely be utilized. The Scanner you chose should be able to read code 128 as well as any barcode formats you currently use. Higher quality equipment makes scanning less-than-perfect barcodes much faster and easier.

If you're getting new equipment the scanners below are both popular and reliable. These units are known to be compatible with GroovePacker and most of the scanners below are offered by Barcode-Arena which provides US-based support for everything they sell.

The DS9808 is a wired scanner made by Symbol. The DS9808 reads 1D & 2D barcodes and can read from any orientation so you do not have to align barcodes before they'll scan. This unit can be used as a handheld scanner or mounted to a desk and used hands-free. Desk mounting can reduce the likelihood of a drop. 

If you know you'll need a handheld scanner, the wireless LS4278 is a good choice. Scanning performance, range, battery life, and drop resistance are all very good. It's also easy to replace the battery when needed. It can also be paired with IOS

This model can be attached to a rugged phone or tablet case so you only carry one device that serves as the screen and scanner. This is a good solution if you already have a recent model iPhone or Android device that you want to use. The scanner itself is not as performant as the others here but, when paired with a good device you already have, it is the least expensive mobile scanning option.
All-in-one mobile scanning

If you will be scanning during the pick process and are looking for a reliable all-in-one mobile solution these Chainway scanners combine an Android 11 device with a powerful optical scanner in a rugged case. They have no trouble with difficult-to-read barcodes, and they read through shiny plastic and off of other device screens with no problem. The specs are a nice step up from the previous generation. We've tried other models with similar features from a few resellers on Amazon and found the quality/reliability to vary a lot. Ie. the scanner works great but the wifi drops out regularly etc.  These units from Barcode-Arena are direct from the manufacturer so you know what you're getting and they are there to provide support if you have any issues.

An Online Packing Computer or a compatible mobile device

GroovePacker runs from the cloud so you'll never need to install or maintain software and you can access it from anywhere. You may already have computers in your warehouse you can use or repurpose. Our favorite scan and pack station is a Chromebook. These are inexpensive, highly portable laptops that run Chrome OS and can be mounted to desks, articulating mounts or mobile carts. They are compatible with wired USB scanners or wireless Bluetooth scanners and can print to Zebra 2844 thermal printers with the correct driver. While scanning, each packer will be logged into their own user account so you'll be able to track who scanned and packed each order. They will each need a Chromebook or mobile device and their own scanner.

If the verification will be done while the items are being picked, and the items are not small and near the packing station, you will need a mobile scanning solution. Depending on your needs you may use a Chromebook mounted to a cart or you may want to run GroovePacker on a smaller, handheld device. If you are purchasing new equipment for mobile scanning I would choose something fairly rugged that combines a good scanner, like a 4710 with an Android device, like the all-in-one scanner mentioned above.

A Thermal Printer

Printing highly readable, smudge-proof barcodes is just a matter of connecting a small thermal printer. You're likely already using a Zebra or Dymo printer to create shipping labels, if now we highly recommend this type of thermal printer which will print both 3x1 (product barcode labels) as well as 4x6 (shipping labels). If you'll be regularly printing barcodes for your inventory you'll likely want to have a dedicated thermal printer always loaded with the 3x1 labels. If you need to print wirelessly from IOS you'll need a printer that supports AirPrint. If you'll be printing directly to the printer using the QZ tray app you will need to have the printer installed on either a Mac or PC.

Barcoded Inventory

Ideally, you should have every item you'll be shipping barcoded individually or as it is sold (ie packs of 5). Any barcode format will do as long as your scanner reads it. If you've never used barcodes before we have you covered. GroovePacker makes generating barcodes from your current SKUs extremely simple. SKU-Barcodes can be created on the fly when you begin selling new items so no updates are needed. It's also possible to scan a mix of barcoded and un-barcoded items while you transition to fully barcoded inventory.

A Barcoded Packing Slip

You will need a way to let GroovePacker know what order you would like to begin packing. Normally this is done using a barcode on the packing slip. The packer chooses a packing slip and scans the barcode to start the packing process. Normally this barcode is printed on the packing slip that your order management software generates. In some cases you may need to print the packing slip from GroovePacker. This not typical but it is possible if required for your workflow.

A CSV with your Product Data

Before scanning orders for the first time you can import all your product data into GroovePacker using a CSV. The only required fields are product Name, SKU and Barcode. Other data can be loaded as well like Bin Location, Secondary SKU & Barcode, Weight and more. This data can be exported from your shopping cart, order manager or inventory software. Later updates will either be automatic or if additional information is required, it can easily be added directly in GroovePacker or via CSV. Our import mapper allows import of your data regardless of the file layout. Our support team will map your export file and verify the data so you'll be ready to scan before you know it. If all of your product data is complete in Shopify and you do not need to import multiple alias SKUs for your items it may also be possible to skip the CSV and import your data using Shopify's API. 

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